EN3000-GXH Explosion-proof Gas Analyzer(IR)


    The EN3000-GXH Explosion-proof NDIR Analyzer is an analytical instrument developed for online industrial use in hazardous areas. It can measure any component concentration from CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, NO in the mixed gas continuously. The analyzer has such function as isolated current output, relay alarm output, communication interface and measured data storage. It is widely used in the industries of petroleum, metallurgy, architectural material, electric power, air separation, chemical, environmental protection, pharmaceutical as well.


  • Used in explosive atmosphere in zones 1 & 2, Class ExdⅡCT6
  • Membrane micro-pressure detector,with high sensitivity and low across-sensitivity
  • Enclosed infrared light source and sealed optical path, with high reliability and low drift
  • Big LCD display, English or Chinese menu to operate
  • Automatic recording of measured data and curve, for checking previous data
  • One isolated, linearized 0~10 or 4~20mADC output
  • One alarm relay, any alarm value can be set up within the full range
  • With RS232 interface for measured data communication


    Measuring priciple:Non-dispersion type infrared
    Measured component:CO、CO2、CH4、NO、SO2
    Minimum range:0~20×10-6(ppm)
    Maximum range:0~50%(>50% consulting with us)
    Linearity error:≤±1%FS
    Outline dimension:380 x 460 x 225mm (H x W x L)


    Dust :0.3μm or less (Recommended membrane filter)
    Moisture: Below a level where saturation occurs at 2°C (condensation unallowable)